Community Disability Advocacy Project Logo

The Purpose

Creating pathways for people with disabilities to collaborate with their communities in advocating for and achieving positive local change.

1 - Changing systems which build individual and collective capacity to advocate for or against policy and other government initiatives.

2 - Practical strategies that deliver change that is both realistic and effective, more than just talking about the issues.

3 - Building local capacity, knowledge, and skills that empowers and liberates communities from traditional ineffective processes and actions.

4 - Supporting people to navigate systems and services in communities.

5 - Advocating for the community and influencing decision makers through active collaboration and inclusion.

The Guiding Principles

1 - Purposeful – Have clear goals and objectives to strive towards.

2 - Connected – Strive to maintain a diversity of experience, knowledge and skills that allow access to and relationships with distinct groups, systems, and structures.

3 - Proactive – Are action oriented and actively seek out practical and realistic solutions to improve communities for people living with disabilities.

4 - Inclusive – Made up of everyone, everyone gets a say, and everyone has a voice.  

5 - Accessible – Recognise and actively advocate for information and spaces to meet the needs of all people.

Our guiding principles; Purposeful, connected, accessible, inclusive and proactive