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People with Disabilities WA

PWdWA is the leading disability advocacy organisation in WA established in 1981 and since 1996 provides individual and systemic advocacy services. PWdWA is run by and for people with disability with all of the Board being people with disability and many staff are people with lived experience of disability. PWdWA also has numerous grants from different funding sources to deliver projects, the outcomes of which focus on reducing inequality for people with disability in WA. These projects support the pillars of the National Disability Strategy

Advocacy WA

Established in 1991, Advocacy WA is a regionally based community not for profit Western Australian agency that provides a range of (individual) advocacy services for people with disabilities living in the Southwest of Western Australia who find themselves in vulnerable or marginalised situations. Advocacy WA believes in justice and human rights for people with disabilities, the importance of choice, equality of opportunity, and inclusion in society, and for each person to be respected, heard and able to participate in their community. AWA believes in fairness and that each person should be empowered to exercise independence over the choices and direction of their life.

Community Disability Advocates

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